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OS X Leopard


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Today’s the day that Mac fanatics around the world have been waiting for — OS X 10.5 (Leopard) arrives.

We feel a little stuck in the middle here in the UK. Apple’s operating system launches are one of the few times that Australia get anything ahead of us, so happy early-adopting Aussie Mac fans already have hold of the new system.

You’d think we’d be beating America, too — by at least five hours — but of course those jammy people our friends at Engadget have already sneaked an early release copy.

We would’ve got away with it if it weren’t for those pesky kids.

Fact is, Apple UK didn’t deem us worthy enough to get us a copy of OS X ahead of time (or maybe the courier got lost, I don’t know), so in about seven hours time you’ll be treated to “the real deal”.

In other words, I’ll be queuing with hordes of other UK Apple nuts outside an Apple Store, and snagging my copy of OS X just as if I were a normal punter, from 6pm BST (that’s 5pm GMT).

Then, hotfooting it through the throng of pub-bound commuters, to its rightful place on my Mac.

So forget pre-release reviews (OK if you really want them, see the end of this article). Stay tuned to Tech Digest for the best, most authentic, British coverage of Mac OS X Leopard.

It doesn’t end there, either. Oh no. “OS X Leopard Watch” is now a regular column on Tech Digest. Each day, we’ll bring you the latest reviews, opinion, hints, tips, and hacks. Apple haters are free to ignore.

If you really can’t wait another seven hours for the UK fun to begin, check out a couple of preliminary reviews:

Duncan Riley (lucky Aussie) writes for TechCrunch that Mac OS X Leopard is worth the wait
Meanwhile, Engadget boasts We’ve got Leopard, what do you want to know?
Gizmodo is doing a live blog of installation and first impressions. But you still want to read ours, right?

Want more? That’s what Google’s for, baby. I’ll be on the midnight / weekend shift later to bring you everything you need to know.

Liveblogging/Twittering here

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