New Mi-Fi portable 3G Wi-Fi router launched by Three

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Three have unveiled a new version of their Mi-Fi personal Wi-Fi unit. The Huawei E585 features one touch start-up and can hook as many as 5 devices up to the internet over 3G at once.

One-button start-up isn’t the only new feature over the previous model, launched last year. An OLED screen now displays details of how much data has been used, how long you have been connected for and the speed your connection is currently clocked at.

There’s also now an online dashboard compatible with all web browsers for Mac, Linux and Windows, as well as the ability to charge the device whilst it’s being used.

“Connect devices need a strong 3G connection like ours, especially when you’re on the move. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our mobile internet offering. Following the launch of our first MiFi device, our customers asked for changes to made. We worked with Huawei to incorporate features like ‘one button to connect’, an improved screen and a great browser dashboard that works across Windows, Mac and Linux devices. We now have a device that customers will enjoy even more. ” said Mark Brewer, Head of Broadband Devices.

Pick one up from Three in July, priced £49.99 on a Pay-As-You-Go deal.

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  • If you are connected with the 3 Mobile network and wanted to get better 3G experience so this device should be tried by you. I knew the productive features of the device so I could recommend someone to purchase the product immediately.

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