Archos 9 Windows 7-based mini PC out in September


Queston: When does a media tablet become a mini PC?
Answer: When it’s an Archos 9.

Another year, another two inches and a Windows 7 platform for everyone’s favourite PMP. The Archos 9 sounds more like a netbook with its Intel Atom Z515 800/1200Mz CPU, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB HDD and other assorted capped up letters. In fact, it basically is, minus the keyboard.

Word has it the 8.9″ display is multi-touch with a nice new Li-polymer battery for maximum power efficiency. Connectivity-wise it’s got all you could need with 3G, ‘tooth 2.1, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and the whole thing weighs under 800g; stereo speakers, a VGA out and 1.3-megapixel webcam and that’s about your lot.

It should be available early autumn for 500€. Not cheap but then these things never are.

UPDATE: Just received the official on this and it also has a DVB-T tuner and will be followed by a 12″ version in 2010.

Archos (via UMPC portal)

Archos 7 preview:

Hauppauge debuts world's first 'double twin' TV card


There’s really very little point in spending hundreds of hard earned pounds on a fancy hard disc recorder when you can just stick a relatively inexpensive TV card in your PC and use that instead. Or so Hauppauge’s logic goes. And it has gone overboard in its efforts to find a complete all-in-one solution to your TV needs with its latest card, the HVR2200, which contains two analogue tuners alongside a further two digital Freeview tuners.

Asus milking its little white cow – Eee PC accessories flood in


Asus has just announced a whole pile of Eee PC upgrades at CeBIT 2008, proving the law that successful thing = masses of add-ons.

Including, the Eee PC Ai Guru U1 VoIP phone, the Eee PC Eee AP 802.11b/g wireless access point, the Eee PC 3.5G HSDPA Card so you can get hammered by roaming fees wherever you may be in the world, and the the Eee PC DVD-RW drive for when you’ve filled the little solid-state hard drive to bursting…