A lovely lady from Samsung shows us the Haptic 2, AKA W550 and W555

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samsung-haptic-2-mobile.jpgSarah here, or it may be Penny, they have such a high turnover of product displayers out there it’s hard to keep track, is showing off the Haptic 2 – the latest touchable mobile from Samsung.

It’ll arrive in two models, one packing 4GB and another with a whopping 16GB for storage. We can’t help but wonder if the 16GB model will be noticeably heavier. Probably not. It has a pretty large 3.2″ touchable LCD screen that’s apparently more sensitive than the original Haptic, plus Bluetooth, a five megapixel camera, DMB TV tuner and users are now able to muck about with and personalise their vibration settings.

It’ll cost between 480 and 550 euros, should you be insane enough to buy it without any form of operator subsidy.

(Via Akihabara)

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Gary Cutlack
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