Facebook offers German version

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facebook_logo.jpgFacebook has announced that it has launched a version of the site fully translated into German. Thanks to around two thousand German-speaking users on Facebook who chose to be part of the translation effort, the whole site was transformed in under two weeks.

Matt Cohler, VP of Product Management, said that there were currently over a million active users in German-speaking countries. “We look forward to making it even easier for them to connect and share information with family and friends,” he said.

As Facebook adds new features, users will be given the opportunity to make them available in their own language. A translation application will also be available to application developers.

Users can change their language preference from the account settings page, while anyone visiting Facebook from a German-speaking country will now automatically have that option set as default.

For anyone interested, users decided that “anklopfen” should be the translation for “poke”.


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