Classic Jeff Minter game Gridrunner++ goes live on Facebook

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gridrunner%2B%2B.jpgGreat news for retro gamers with a penchant for llamas. Classic PC game Gridrunner++ has been released as a Facebook application. The original was developed by legendary game designer Jeff Minter, and the new version seemingly has Jeff’s blessing.

What’s it about? Oh, 45 levels of frankly insane shoot ’em up action. With sheep. And what with this being a Facebook application, it’s got a built-in high scores table that features your Facebook friends – giving you an incentive to sign them up.

The game’s been developed by programmer Mark Ripley, together with casual games website Gimme5games, and Minter’s company Llamasoft. Now, what about a Facebook update of Attack Of The Mutant Camels…

Gridrunner++ Facebook app page

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