Facebook gets cross-platform blogging application: Blog It from Six Apart

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Hoping to appeal to high-powered bloggers who own multiple blogs and have a strong presence on Facebook, Six Apart has launched the Blog It application to let users update their blogs and “microblogs” directly from Facebook.

Six Apart is the creator of TypePad, amongst other services, but has designed an application that works across a number of popular platforms. About a dozen popular blogging platforms — including WordPress, Movable Type, Vox, and Blogger — are included, together with microblogging services such as Twitter and Pownce.

Being a social network application, Blog It also allows bloggers to share new posts with their contacts, as well as deciding which services are updated — so you could update your Blogger blog and send an update to Twitter, or just blast your super-exciting status updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Pownce, all at once. The possibilities…

“Blog It is one of the few applications that takes content created inside Facebook and makes it available for use outside Facebook,” said David Recordon, Open Platforms Tech Lead at Six Apart. “Blog It users are able to update their personal blogs, business blogs, online journals, Facebook status, or Twitter or Pownce activity all from one central environment. This is a concrete step away from the silos and walled gardens of the past and toward the open web of the future.”

It’s also a move towards more useful Facebook applications, which some believe will help to sustain the popularity of social networks after their “poke” novelty has worn off.

If you’re addicted to Facebook and spend all your time on the site, then it could be a useful application to use, but I’m not convinced that “power bloggers” will want to be constrained by the Facebook interface, particularly as it’s not always the most reliable.

Try it out here: Blog It Facebook application or read more about it at blogit.typepad.com

(Via Blog Herald)

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