Xbox 360 "Jasper" hardware variants spotted in the wild – efficient and with built-in memory for game saves


jasper-xbox-360-hardware-spotted-on-sale.jpgMicrosoft’s been fiddling with the internal organs of its Xbox 360 again, with the long-rumoured “Jasper” hardware re-jig apparently rolling out across the world right now.

The new Xbox 360 – as found and disassembled by a user on Xbox-Scene – features a lower-Wattage PSU (150W instead of 175W) that’ll keep Greenpeace happy when it does its next name & shame list.

But the most thrilling enhancement for you, humble end user, is the addition of 256MB of internal flash memory – it’s basically got a memory card on the inside now. So instead of having to buy one or get one off Microsoft for free to run the new memory-eating 3D “Avatars” dashboard, it’ll just work. Like in the old days.

Men with goatee beards are currently examining the motherboard and chipset to see if this is also the first 65-nanometre version of the console. Exciting times to be a goatee-bearded man who owns his own soldering iron.

(Via Kotaku)

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