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It may not be looking to take on Google just yet, but True Knowledge and those behind it certainly have issues with the way most traditional search engines go about their business.

The standard searching problem is that internet bots don’t really understand what we’re asking them to look for and instead just concentrate on the individual words or, at the best, the statistical relationships between them. Thus, when if you look for “long tailed tit”, chances are the ornithologists among us might get a nasty surprise.

But, here to improve the day, if not save it, is William Tunstall-Pedoe and his team with their True Knowledge system that works on a very different basis. He says:

“True Knowledge has developed a way of capturing information as discrete facts that can be understood by a machine, generating an extensive knowledge-base that it can call upon to deduce the answer to a question. Subject matter experts around the globe are contributing to the knowledge-base, bringing together the benefits of machine-driven automation and people-driven intelligence.”

The system sounds a fair bit more time consuming to set up and it’s no surprise that they’re starting small with the True Knowledge Internet Answer Engine to see how it all works. It’s also no surprise to see they’re looking for people both to join the team and beta test the site but, all the same, the project is a noble one and one that I wish all the best.

Go and take a look at the video on the site for a more in-depth look – if you can make it through all seven minutes of that, I’ll give you a Twix – and at the least sign up for the beta and see how it answers your deepest, darkest curiosities. If it can tell me where to find that Carling Black Label ad that spanned the entire commercial break, then I’ll be a believer.

True Knowledge

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