Toshiba launches its first netbook – the NB100

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toshiba-nb100.jpgYou can’t move around here for netbook releases. Lately we’ve had models from Dell, Medion, LG and Emtec, among others. Toshiba, however, isn’t daunted and is leaping in to the fray with the NB100. The NB stands for “netbook”, I would imagine, and the “100” presumably because it’s about the hundredth netbook released in the last month.

The specs aren’t half bad. Atom CPU, 8.9″ display, 1GB RAM, Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux, 120GB hard drive space, which presumably is a mechanical drive, rather than the smaller solid state options preferred by competitors, WiFi and a webcam. Battery life is quoted at an alarmingly specific three hours and 47 minutes.

There’s also an ethernet port, and three USB ports. The USB ports are rather special, though. They can still charge attached devices like mobile phones and media players when the netbook is in sleep mode. Toshiba call this “sleep-and-charge” functionality. Toshiba needs an originality biscuit.

The NB100 will come in a choice of three colours. “Cosmic” black, “Bright” silver, and “Champagne” gold. I’ve no idea why anyone would want a gold laptop, but to be fair, I own a brown Zune, so I can hardly talk. The device weighs less than a kilo, and will be out in October. It’s only £260, which isn’t too bad for a device of this spec.

Want one? I do. Let your netbook-related hopes, dreams and fears flow in the comments.


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  • Two thumbs up and good for Toshiba! I would love to get my hands in this machine! I am using now a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 (PIV 2.0GHz, 512 ram, 160 HDD), almost six years of service and here it is working at full throttle with Ubuntu Linux 8.04.
    I am sure this NB100 netbook will do its job very well. Toshiba laptops are really work horses! I just bought a Satellite P305-S8832 and I am jumping up and down with the quality and performance of this big machine.

    • Glad to hear you’re keen, emmerc! Though I’d be careful about jumping around too much – don’t jump on the laptop…

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