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sof-logo.gifStudent of Fortune is a new site which has just launched in the USA that lets anyone do your homework for you. It’s like Yahoo Answers, but for cash. You post your homework question, and how much you’ll pay for the answer, and an army of people work on giving you the right answer.

The site publishes its top-earning users on the front page, and some have earnt the equivalent of over £6,000 answering questions, so far. The site works in dollars, rather than pounds. Most answers will net you the equivalent of £15-£20 each. If you answer a question, and the questioner is satisfied with your answer, then you get the cash. Simple.

Of course this is very morally questionable. On the one hand, if you’re being tested on something, then odds are that the teacher has told you the answer and you’re just being lazy. On the other hand, during the course of my education I had some terrible teachers who tested us on things that we’d never covered, or had covered very poorly. I’d have been happy to pay a bit of extra cash to get it explained properly to me.

Do you think this site is morally okay? Or is it just letting people pass classes without actually knowing the content? Would you use a service like this? Let us know in the comments.

Student of Fortune (via Mashable)

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