SIMable will unlock your iPhone 3G (or half-broken Nokia 3310) for £16.99

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simable-installation.jpgIf you’re perfectly at ease with the concept of cutting a hole in your SIM card, SIMable is the high-risk solution to your mobile phone unlocking needs.

We’ve mentioned the SIM-hacking tool before, but now it’s been enhanced to do the unthinkable – unlock the iPhone 3G by just tweaking with your SIM card a bit. Here’s what you do and how it works…

“(1) Cut a tiny hole in your SIM using our free cutting press, (2) Align the SIMable chip to your SIM card, (3) Insert into your mobile phone and start talking.”

SIMable apparently also works with such fashionable new phones as the Blackberry Bold, so however complex your network conditions and contract status may be, it could help. It also reverts your phone back to its original state once you’ve removed the cut up SIM, so no one invalidates any warranties.

It also seems to be completely legal.

(Via SIMable)

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