Will Apple limit iPhone 3G in UK as punishment for unlocking, and why should they care?


According to inside sources in the mobile retail industry, Apple is planning to limit sales of the iPhone 3G in the UK because it’s pissed off (that’s the technical term, you understand) with Brits unlocking and doing naughty things with it.

Statistics suggest that only 15% (that’s around one in six) of the first generation iPhones sold in the UK were activated for use on the O2 network. The rest were either unlocked for use on other British networks or were sold on abroad…

Apple rakes in $831 from every iPhone sold

iphone-revenue.jpgiPhone’s exclusive American operator AT&T ends up paying out $18 a month to Apple just for the privilege of stocking the thing, thanks to data revealed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Plus iPhone doesn’t come with any old mobile contract – poor Americans are LOCKED DOWN into it for a full two years, hence all the fuss about unlocking it. Then you’ve got the price of the phone itself on top of that. It all comes to $831 winging its way to Apple…