CES 2009: New SD card standard paves the way for 2TB capacities


The SD association has announced a new top-end to the capacities of its eponymous flash memory cards. The new spec is called “SDXC” – short for “eXtended Capacity”, and it’ll hold up to 2TB of data, with transfer speeds rocketing up to 104MB/s. In contrast, the previous maximums were 32GB and 10MB/s.

This is just a specification – there’s no products yet – and support for the format will have to make its way into devices before it’ll be much use selling the cards. However, I think it’s fairly safe to say that we’ll be seeing these on shelves in a year or so.

(via Gizmodo)

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Transfer songs easily from your PC to mobile's microSD/SDHC/M2 memory card with SanDisk's Mobile Ultra


Speaking of memory, the industry’s darlings SanDisk have shown off a clever way of transferring data to and from your phone, the SanDisk Mobile Ultra.

Offered in microSD/SDHC and M2 forms, the kit comes with a USB adapter which you can slot the teeny cards into, and transfer the data to and from your PC via the USB port. They’re not fooling around with the storage capacities either, advertising 2GB, 4GB and 8GB varieties. With prices ranging…

ThinkGeek solves your lost mobile phone worries, with the SIM card back-up machine

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Send photos direct from your camera's memory card to the intertubes with Eye-fi

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