Send photos direct from your camera's memory card to the intertubes with Eye-fi


eye-fi-card.jpgYou know what it’s like, you go to the pub with your mates, pose for the camera and make lots of silly faces…then wait three weeks whilst your friends takes their time uploading to Facebook. There goes your hopes for a new profile pic of you impersonating Noel Fielding’s ‘Hitcher’ character the next day.

Here’s a great Christmas idea for that lazy friend of yours. The Eye-Fi card is a 2GB SD card which is Wi-Fi friendly, allowing your pics to be sent to your chosen photo software site as soon as you enter a Wi-Fi network. Expect to pay a fair bit for easy-uploading, as they’re $100 each.

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • So, we will wait them to manufacture MicroSD version for GSM phones to make phones able to communicate through Wi-Fi.

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