The achingly fashionable Electrolux Ultrasilencer


electrolux-ultrasilencer.jpgEven vacuum cleaners have to be right fashionable now. They used to be brown. You could kick them and it didn’t matter. Mum had the same one for 19 years. You’d throw them under the stairs and treat them as a Victorian gentleman would treat his servants and children.

Now vacuum cleaners are no longer our humble menial servants to keep hidden away. They are iPod-styled conversation starters for dinner parties.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I leave my new Electrolux Ultrasilencer out on display?” said Susan, flicking her hair and hoping Marjorie is burning with jealousy over the Pia Wallen-designed special edition. “It’s so quiet I often forget it’s out!”

Marjorie smiles quietly, mentally planning which Dyson she’ll be revenge-buying tomorrow.

The Ultrasilencer is so ‘with it’ is even has a trendy Flash web site with movies and an image gallery, just in case you want to set a picture of one as your desktop and admire its sleek lines that designer Pia Wallen says were influenced by “the sound of falling snow.”

The only thing it’s missing is a chain so you can wear it round your neck.

(Via Oh Gizmo!)

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