Canon doesn't make vacuum cleaners


Today, ladies and gentlemen, Canon did not announce a vacuum cleaner. It didn’t announce one yesterday either, or one the day before. In fact, it’s never announced a vacuum cleaner. That’s why Canon’s Russian service personnel were a little confused when people started calling saying that their vacuum cleaner was broken.

What seems to have happened is that a major electronics supplier bought a job lot of vacuums that a dodgy Chinese factory had produced with the Canon label, figuring (correctly) that it’d help them sell. Hilarious. If you’ve got one, then please send it to us – we’d love to review it.

(via EnglishRussia)

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The achingly fashionable Electrolux Ultrasilencer

electrolux-ultrasilencer.jpgEven vacuum cleaners have to be right fashionable now. They used to be brown. You could kick them and it didn’t matter. Mum had the same one for 19 years. You’d throw them under the stairs and treat them like a Victorian man would treat his servants and children.

Now vacuum cleaners are no longer our humble menial servants to keep hidden away. They are iPod-styled conversation starters for dinner parties..

SK Technology has basically been wasting its time and money on making pointless things like phone-controlled vacuum cleaners

phone-controlled-vacuum.jpgSK Technology, who you haven’t heard of because they make things like this, has neared completion of its latest project – a robotic vacuum cleaner controlled by mobile phone.

The system transmits video to a phone, allowing amazingly lazy people to sit on the sofa eating doughnuts while a robot picks up the…