IFA 2008: iRobot automated vacuum cleaners

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I tell you, this IFA place is great. The show has barely begun and already I’m getting excited about the pending UK release of robotic hoovers. This is actually a little footage I grabbed last night of the Roomba and Scoomba from the slightly “er…didn’t they call a film that?” company, by the name of iRobot.

One thing I forgot to mention about these little household chums is that, as well as making sure they cover every square inch of you floor, they actually sense when they’ve reached a particularly filthy patch and make sure they come back three or four times to the scene of the spill to make sure it’s clean.

They remind me somewhat of the robot lawnmowers we’ve seen in the past and there’s a whole heap of calculations as to whether you’d do better off hiring a cleaner of spending the 399 Euros (Scoomba) or 499 Euros (Roomba) on a machine. At least you can trust the iRobots with your house keys but then I doubt it’s so much fun having an affair with one.

The iRobots are out in October, in Germany, after going down a storm in the States and they should be coming to carpets and tiles in good old Blighty before we know it. Now, tell me it’s not just me with visions of episodes of Colombo with feet up my feet up, munching tea and buttered crumpets while Roomba scoots along in the background?

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Daniel Sung
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