IFA 2008: Plantronics Gamecom 777 Gaming Headset

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gamecom777.jpgThis is the horribly-named Gamecom 777 headset. Honestly, “Gamecom”? What does that even mean? It sounds like a 90s mouse manufacturer. Anyway. Minor naming matters aside, this is actually quite a nice cheap, light headset. As a gamer with light-sleeping neighbors I can appreciate exactly why someone might need a headset dedicated for gaming.

It comprises of a USB soundcard dongle, attached to a big pair of cans. In that dongle, a team of gnomes, or some sort of magic, processes a stereo signal into a 5.1 surround signal. So far so good. The headphones themselves are 40mm, which is nice, though I haven’t listened to them so I can offer any assurances in that category. There’s also a noise-cancelling mic, which usefully folds up out of the way when you’re not using it. Thumbs up.

The headphones are open-ear, meaning they sit on your ears, rather than surrounding them. Personally, I’ve always been a closed-cup headphones fan, becuase they block out external noise and improve immersion in the game, but I suppose that open-cup might be better if you need to monitor the outside world too. To that end there are in-line controls, allowing you to adjust the volume and mute without leaving a game.

The Gamecom 777 will cost £79.99 and is available from September 08.


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Duncan Geere
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