Sandisk to sell pre-recorded music releases on microSD cards?

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sandisk_blank.jpgWith a growing number of media players and just about every mobile handset packing a memory card slot, it makes sense to use them for pushing media releases. And that’s exactly what Sandisk plans to do.

Sandisk is set to announce a plan to deliver music on microSD cards. Initially it has just one rather leftfield release – the Sansa Sessions – a DRM-free promotional MP3 compilation on a 512MB card and featuring 50 songs by the likes of All Time Low, Architecture in Helsinki, Magnet, Ladytron, Loquat, Nada Surf, Of Montreal and The Coup. That is being given away with initial purchases of its 8GB Fuze MP3 player.

But it looks to be just the start – a 12GB microSDHC card that can hold more than two DVD-quality movies with room left over and flash prices are falling. Which should make cards a viable alternative to downloads and silver discs. Not least because you can wipe the thing and start again when your tastes change.

Sandisk (via Wired)

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