Sky offer 50% off HD box for new and existing customers

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If you’ve got a massive 42″ plasma, but you’re still watching standard definition TV and DVD on it, then I’m sure you know you’re not getting the most out of your technology. What you need is some kind of HD provider, but so far they’ve been rather prohibitively expensive. That’s why I wanted to point out to you that Sky are extending their 50% off HD box offer. They haven’t been shouting about enough – it’s a good deal.

It’s not completely half-price. As well as £75 for the box, there’s also a £60 installation fee, and a subscription each month that includes the HD channels, which seemed to be a minimum of £27 a month when I tried it on the Sky website just now. Minimum contract is 12 months, so it’ll cost you a total of £479. For a year’s worth of full-HD entertainment, I suppose that’s not too bad.

Speaking of HD entertainment, Sky are also launching a few new channels in HD. There’s going to be Sky Real Lives HD, Sky Movies Action/Thriller HD, Sky Movies Sci-Fi Horror HD, Sky Movies Drama HD, Sky Movies Modern Greats HD, Sky Movies Family HD and Sky Movies Comedy HD. These join 19 other channels, giving you a total of 26 HD channels on the Sky service.

Sky+ HD (via Digital Spy)

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