Sony strengthens firmware portfolio – PSP hits v5.00, PS3 now goes up to v2.50


Sony’s rigorous firmware updating schedule is marching further forward, with the company today announcing new updates to PSP and PS3 – making them both marginally better than before.

The 2.50 update for PS3 will add in support for more voice chat features via the official PS3 bluetooth headset, better integration of Sony’s 100% original “Trophies” feature, plus the quite superb ability to capture screenshots while playing certain games. This will help the internet compare Xbox 360 and PS3 games in more detail than ever before…

Sky offer 50% off HD box for new and existing customers


If you’ve got a massive 42″ plasma, but you’re still watching standard definition TV and DVD on it, then I’m sure you know you’re not getting the most out of your technology. What you need is some kind of HD provider, but so far they’ve been rather prohibitively expensive. That’s why I wanted to point out to you that Sky are extending their 50% off HD box offer. They haven’t been shouting about enough – it’s a good deal…