Sony will remove pre-installed crap from new Vaio notebooks for $50


sony_vaio_notebook.jpgSony has decided to offer a new paid service for customers who buy configure-to-order Vaio TZ2000 and TZ2500 notebook PCs.

For $50, Sony will remove some of the trial software and other crud which plagues the hard drive of most new computers.

Just in case that wasn’t enough extra cash to be giving Sony, the “Fresh Start” software optimisation is only available to people already prepared to pay $100 to upgrade to Vista Business.

Anyone going for this option will miss out on the joys of Microsoft Works SE 9.0, Sony’s Vaio Creation Suite Photo Software, and trials version of Office, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Click to Disc video editor; WinDVD, and a highly limited QuickBooks. Not worth the hard drive space, basically.

If you have the technical know-how then it’s a lot cheaper just to do the whole job yourself, but Sony must be banking on the service being popular with some new customers.

Update: Sony today announced that it would now offer this “Fresh Start” service for free, on the two Vaio notebooks mentioned.

(Via Yahoo! News)

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