UK Satellite TV Comparison Guide: Sky versus Freesat


Two services that require you to stick a satellite dish to the side of your house.

One has been around for two decades, the other has just celebrated its first birthday.

Both will demand an upfront payment: one will continue to drain money from your bank account each month.

So which is best? Read our comparison guide to see if you should go with coming-of-age Sky or new-kid-on-the-block Freesat.

Read on to find out…

Sky offer 50% off HD box for new and existing customers

If you’ve got a massive 42″ plasma, but you’re still watching standard definition TV and DVD on it, then I’m sure you know you’re not getting the most out of your technology. What you need is some kind of HD provider, but so far they’ve been rather prohibitively expensive. That’s why I wanted to point out to you that Sky are extending their 50% off HD box offer. They haven’t been shouting about enough – it’s a good deal…

freesat announces 18 new channels


Nearly three months after freesat’s launch, the free-to-air satellite broadcaster has announced 18 new channels will be added to the platform in the next couple of weeks.

This Thursday, ten TV channels will launch: Zone Reality, Zone Horror, Russia Today, The Fight Network, Inspiration, PitchWorld, Gems TV, Shop on tV, Netplay TV, and Gala TV…