freesat announces 18 new channels

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freesat_logo.pngNearly three months after freesat’s launch, the free-to-air satellite broadcaster has announced 18 new channels will be added to the platform in the next couple of weeks.

This Thursday, ten TV channels will launch: Zone Reality, Zone Horror, Russia Today, The Fight Network, Inspiration, PitchWorld, Gems TV, Shop on tV, Netplay TV, and Gala TV.

Yes, folks, the shopping and quiz/gambling channels continue their insidious infiltration onto every network known to man.

The following Friday (1st August), new radio stations will be added to freesat: Capital FM, Choice FM, Classic FM, Gold, XFM, NME Radio, Insight Radio, and BFBS Radio.

Maybe not all channels of the highest calibre, but at least the service is being added to, even though some major names are still missing from the line up.


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Andy Merrett
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  • Russia Today is OK. Some interesting news pieces.

    Fight Network is fine. Interesting sports news bite interviews.

    Zone Horror is average. Little diversity; showing mostly USA made-for-video/TV at night with repeated series at other times. Apparently they were showing 18 rated stuff during the afternoon with gang sex scenes! They’ll likely get done big for that.

    Not interested in the others.

  • The Fight Network can be a decent channel, when its not showing old school British Wrestling. It has some decent mma on it.

    All the others are completely pants.

    (although I have always wondered what is happening in Russia today)

    • It’s a little depressing that many of the new channels are dedicated to helping you spend or lose money. Personally, I’ve been disappointed the three times (thrice bitten?) I’ve bought from a TV shopping channel. Give me the Internet, or (gasp) REAL shops any day.

  • well you get what you pay for I suppose. The radio stations are OK-ish, but honestly why even bother to announce those TV channels. It’s a bit embarassing

  • Wow. That was entirely underwhelming. I actually remove all that Shopping/Gambling rubbish from my Freeview lineup using a handy function of my STB.

    Why do they even bother?

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