Gallery: Tech Digest top picks from the British Motor Show 2008

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I was lucky enough to have a little shmoose at the British Motor Show 2008 down at the ExCel showroom in the docklands this morning, and along with about 1,000 USB sticks, 100 press packs and a replica Champions League football, I managed to take a few snaps of the cars that I liked most. Hi-res pics available on request. Click on the image and take the scenic route…

Daniel Sung
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  • Wow, I’d of loved to have been there. I’m going down on Thursday wish I could have made the press event.

    Love the pic of Gordy…

  • I find Hummer’s offensive in any guise. Some moron owns a massive black one around where I work and I swear it’s like a flippin’ tank.

    How anyone can justify owning that monstrosity, not least in England on our tiny roads I just cannot fathom or pardon.

    It’s just vulgar, obnoxious and more often than not driving along one and a half lanes. Who sees one in a showroom and says, ‘Yeah, that’s a good look.’

    Seriously? Who?!

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