YouTube to offer scheduled content in 2012, just like real TV…

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Remember the days before VOD TV shows online, or Sky+ freed us from the tyranny of TV schedules? Remember how YouTube liberated our goggle-box sessions? Well, in something of an about turn, YouTube are now lining up a set of scheduled channels for the website.

With a range of themes including fashion and sport, YouTube are planning to get the scheduled stations up and running by 2012, according to the Wall Street Journal. YouTube are speaking to content providers with the aim of filling 12 channels with shows, around the clock.

There’s plenty of money being offered too, with YouTube reportedly flashing cash well into the millions to get show makers onboard.

With Google TV set to launch in 2012 in the UK, a few top-notch TV shows could make YouTube in the living room an even more attractive prospect.

Gerald Lynch
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One thought on “YouTube to offer scheduled content in 2012, just like real TV…

  • Its about time, this is 4 years too late. Now with Netflix dying, this wil be huge. Look out for youtube to start charging

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