£3 a month all-you-can-eat data add-on now open to all Three network customers

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three-logo-thumb.jpgThe Three network are quickly becoming the mobile provider when it comes to generous data plans. Looking to boost this status even further, the company are now preparing to offer unlimited data allowance packages for all new and exisiting contract smartphone customers with a £3 a month add-on.

“The One Plan quickly became our number one contract tariff and our all-you-can-eat PAYG offer is our most popular bundle. From October 7th we’re opening up all-you-can-eat to everyone else, starting from as little as £18 per month,” said Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three UK.

“Our customers tell us that their use of data goes up significantly over the lifetime of their contracts, as they do more and more with their handset. All-you-can-eat data means that they don’t have to worry, they can have that peace of mind for the long term on a contract of their choice.”

It’s a good job Three are feeling generous too; according to the stats they’ve drawn from their own network usage, we’re consuming more mobile data than ever, with the figure growing by the month. iPhone 4 users alone have seen their data usage on average shoot up from 488MBs a month in Februrary to 1.2GBs in August.

Gerald Lynch
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  • ohh and it doesn’t end there when i got my contract off 3 they sent me a second hand refurbished????? whyyyyyy…. did i complain? no i didnt… now i am … i ask for the one plan and i have to upgrade my phone … thats another £200 why should i do that when they sent me a second hand phone ????????? why do i always get connected to india when i phone 3 ??? why when i ask for a add-on i get put on hold for 20 mins then he comes back to me telling me about my alarm clock

  • not for me 2 i am text500 plan why wont they change me to the one plan there starting to piss me off now… all you can eat data for the text 500 plan is only for mobile data not laptop tethering…. why cant they just add extra £18 to my account ???? there going to get loads of new customers…. but also LOSE lots customers…. the one plan is not going to be the best plan other networks are going to compete … cant wait to fuck these wankers off and get my number back…. how sad tether blocking me….. why do i have to use applications so you dont see me using my laptop though my phone ???? (fuck network 3 not looking after there customers)

  • Not for me, I am a 3 customer whose contarct ends in May 2012. Unable to get the offer. I was told it is available for those upgrdang or new customers only.

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