Sky to pull some channels from ntl:Telewest cable service?

Satellite TV

sky.pngA recent report in Media Week suggests that the battle between Sky and ntl:Telewest could be escalating, with a possible threat that Sky will withdraw certain popular channels, including Sky One, from the cable operator.

Apparently Sky is aggressively pursuing better terms for cable’s carraige of its channels including Sky One, Sky News, and Sky Sports News. “According to one senior industry insider: “Whereas Sky normally goes into negotiations to win, it’s now going in to kill.””

It might be too alarmist to suggest Sky could pull channels – after all it would lose around 3 million viewers by doing that, and that would have knock-on implications for its advertising.

Sky is definitely pushing hard in its bid to remain dominant in the UK broadcasting marketplace, with its announcement earlier this week of Sea, Speak, and Surf.

Whatever happens, it seems that the gloves are off.

(Via Media Week)

Andy Merrett
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