Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumour WILL NOT DIE – Taiwanese company making Blu-ray drives for MS, apparently

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liteon-Bluray-xbox-360.jpgTaiwanese newsy blog Digi Times is 100% sure Microsoft’s in the final stages of readying a Blu-ray version of Xbox 360, with local manufacturer Lite-On apparently ready to hit the big red button and start its machines pumping out Blu-ray drives for Microsoft.

Digi Times also went off on a wild speculation rampage, saying that MS would clearly have to sell any possible Blu-ray-packing Xbox 360 at a loss, thanks to the relatively high cost of those special little blue lasers.

That’s some mighty brave talking from Digi Times, especially as Microsoft has said numerous times that it’s not doing a Blu-ray drive, either as a standalone unit or built into a future Xbox 360. The lines have been drawn! Someone’s going to end up looking a bit silly on the internet over this…

(Via Digi Times)

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