Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumour WILL NOT DIE – Taiwanese company making Blu-ray drives for MS, apparently


Taiwanese news source Digi Times is 100% sure Microsoft’s in the final stages of readying a Blu-ray version of Xbox 360, with local manufacturer Lite-On apparently ready to hit the big red button and start its machines pumping out Blu-ray drives for Microsoft.

Digi Times also went off on a wild speculation rampage, saying that MS would clearly have to sell any possible Blu-ray-packing Xbox 360 at a loss…

Lite-On announce lower 'strategic' price for internal Blu-ray drive in Europe

bluray.jpgLite-On has announced that, since Blu-ray lasers are no longer in short supply and the company has accumulated enough stock of the product, they are lowering the price of their internal Blu-ray PC drive – titled as the particularly uninspiring LH-2B1S.

The drive launched back in November last year, when there was a distinct shortage of components. Now, says Katrin Ackermann, European Sales Manager for Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions, “we can see already a growing demand of Blu-ray. It looks like the format is getting more popular now that there are more playback devices and movie titles available in the market. Now we have the possibility to lower our prices, to make our product available for a bigger group of customers and increase our sales quantity.”

Review: Lite-On LVW-5055

The propaganda I don’t know exactly how Lite-On’s business plan reads, but I imagine it goes something like this: ‘See what’s on the market, improve the features, boost the specs and then slash the price just for good measure’….

Lite-on's new DVD writers increase write speed to 20x

Lite-on, manufacturers of optical media hardware both under their own brand and for other manufacturers, have announced the introduction of a DVD writers that claims write speeds of 20 times. Until now, 16x speed has been accepted as the fastest…