Lite-on's new DVD writers increase write speed to 20x


liteondvd.jpgLite-on, manufacturers of optical media hardware both under their own brand and for other manufacturers, have announced the introduction of a DVD writers that claims write speeds of 20 times.

Until now, 16x speed has been accepted as the fastest write speed for standard DVD media, but Lite-on have been busy working on a device that can write a full DVD in around 5 minutes.

Their LH-20A1P can also write DVD-RAM discs at 12x speed. Both DVD writers feature Smart-Write technology that sets the optimal writing speed depending upon the media, and stores that information for future sessions.

Another model, the LH-20A1H, has the same features as above but also sports LightScribe technology which uses the laser to draw high-quality images onto special DVDs.

The LH-20A1P will be available at the end of December, whilst the LH-20A1H will be available in early 2007. Prices to be confirmed.

Andy Merrett
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