BT Internet Radio – 5,000 stations at your fingertips


Although there are obvious limitations (like the need to have a network for a start), internet radio really does make the extra choice of DAB look a bit weak. Compare the 30 DAB radio stations with the 5,000 or so net radio stations that can be picked up with the BT Internet Radio.

And you don’t need to be a computer genius to set one up. Just make sure it’s in range of your network and it will connect (if you have security, you’ll need to account for that too). It’s all without switching on your PC, but if you do, you can also playback the audio files stored on that machine. And if you miss a radio show, you can access any on-demand content (something the BBC is obviously big on).

The radio itself has integrated full-range speakers, a built-in alarm clock and a two-line display. It’s also compatible with PC and Mac (for accessing audio files). One downside is just 12 station presets – so prepare for some seriously long searching.

Available now, you can pick one up for around £120.

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One thought on “BT Internet Radio – 5,000 stations at your fingertips

  • Love this radio! dont worry about the presets, you can register your radio at and sign up (for free) for new features that allow you to add a software set of presets… as many as you like!

    I tried to listen to the cricket last night but my DAB radio decided 5 live Sports Extra no longer exists!! so i moved my Internet Radio into the bedroom and went to sleep happy (but because of Ricky Pontin, woke up grumpy!!)

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