PlayStation3 launches in South Korea – 50 people are very happy about that today


ps3-launch-korea.jpgSony launched its PlayStation3 console in South Korea over the weekend, hoping that the land of lunatic (“100 hours or DEATH!”) online RPG fans might take to its not-exactly-popular-anywhere-else new games system.

“Around 50” gamers queued for a PS3 in Seoul on launch morning, with Sony Asia boss Tetsuhiko Yasuda hoping that “PlayStation 3’s power and South Korea’s Internet infrastructures” somehow magically come together to make the console a success. Even though it still hasn’t got more than two must-have games.

The S. Korean PS3 is the 80GB model, and it weighs in at 518,000 South Korean “won” – which is about £263. So that’s another country paying less for its PS3s than us.

(Via Korea Times)

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