Brit bloggers love Apple, BBC, Google, and M&S

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apple_old_imac_i_blog_myself_graphic.jpgBritish bloggers like nothing better than writing about technology and web companies, but also hold a special place for Marks & Spencer, according to a recent month-long study of 100 random bloggers — “Blogs and Brands: A Study of the British Blogosphere”.

In top place, with bloggers babbling about iPods and Macs, came Apple, followed by the BBC in second, Google in third, Facebook in fourth, Nintendo in fifth, M&S and Microsoft in joint sixth, Adobe, Sony, and YouTube in joint seventh, Sky in eighth, Nokia, IKEA, and Tesco in joint ninth, and a whole bunch of others in joint tenth place.

The survey was carried out between 17th December 2007 and 16th January 2008, so the most talked about theme was Christmas. Wow, insightful.

That was followed by work, family, technology, New Year’s Eve, shopping, travel, TV, blogging itself, and New Year’s Resolutions.

A total of 908 blog posts were posted by the 100 bloggers during the study period, and a total of 1,495 nationally-recognisable brands and products were mentioned at least once.

Of the bloggers themselves, the report says, “There is a persistent stereotype of the blogger as a lonely, male, geek with nothing to say and no writing skills with which to say it. The 100 bloggers chosen at random for this study turned out to represent a wide cross-section of society, from teenagers to grandparents, from factory workers to journalists, and with an almost 50:50 gender split (39 declared themselves to be female and 38 declared themselves to be male, the others did not make their gender explicit). It’s our opinion that online journals like these reveal more about the daily preoccupations of today’s Britons than any artificially-created focus group could ever provide.”

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