Apple voted top in Brandchannel survey, Microsoft voted the pits


apple vs microsoft 300 pix.jpgA survey across 2000 users over 107 different countries says Apple is a far more impressive brand than any other in the world, and yes Bill, that includes Microsoft.

Apple placed first in all six of the categories tested in the survey carried out by the online magazine, Brandchannel, including: most inspiring; most users can’t do without; and, my personal favourite, the brand people would most like to sit next to at a dinner party.

In fact, the news gets worse for Senor Gates with Microsoft voted the brand people would most like to argue with and most in need of a revamp – a category in which the USA came second, although I’m not sure for whom that’s a bigger insult?

Participants said Apple “reinvented itself over and over again” whereas Microsoft had “gone from innovative and bold to stodgy and follower”. This, combined with a study showing that the Apple logo actually raises creativity levels just by looking at it, must have Steve Jobs chuckling into his company branded coffee mug.

(via Daily Tech)

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Daniel Sung
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