Toshiba to have another crack at Sony in the HD war

Blu-ray, HD DVD

toshiba.jpgThe battle for the discs may have been lost but Toshiba is not about to give up on the HD war so easily.

According to an insider, who is probably being dragged out and shot as we speak, Toshiba is set to release a DVD upscaler which to those uninitiated is a DVD player capable of boosting the output of a normal, standard definition DVD disc to a 1080p, Blu-ray challenging hi-def. Eat that Sony.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the tactics here and with a limited amount of Blu-ray titles currently available and a personal doubt as to whether the general public is ready for another format change, it looks like Toshiba has made a very smart move.

If the performance of the upscaler is even close to Sony’s BRs, then Toshiba can count on my support.

It won’t surprise you to know that the new Toshiba upscaler is not Blu-ray compatible.

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