Mobile phone search engine Taptu now officially official, officer.

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taptu-logo.gifMusic-lovers and know-it-alls, rejoice! Taptu has finally launched, meaning you’ll never be stuck for knowledge whilst on the go anymore.

It’s basically a search-engine for your mobile, perfectly formatted for your screen which uses new technology called social-assisted search. This is all good news for people who simply must prove their friends wrong whilst in the pub, and feel the need to use their mobiles to get the final say. Anyone who’s ever been out with me knows what I’m talking about. It uses algorithms with human feedback to give users the final search results, and aims to give the user adequate content “in 10 taps or less”.

The first version launched on Monday, focussing mainly on music and fact-finding, and they’ve also given fans a Facebook application, Music Wall, which is powered by the same search engine technology and allows people to find music online, add it to their profiles, and then share with friends.


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