iTunes drops price of DRM-free tracks in UK as well as US, adds more choons

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gold-coins-chocolate.jpgA couple of days ago it was announced that Apple would be dropping the price of iTunes Plus DRM-free tracks on iTunes from $1.29 to just 99 cents, matching nasty DRM-ridden tracks.

Only EMI tracks are sold as 256kbps, DRM-free AAC files, however starting today certain indie labels (Sub Pop!!!!) will be able to flog their wares in the same higher-quality format, in total two million tracks will be available. The price-drop means they’re priced exactly the same as normal tracks, but what about us living in the UK? Apple has confirmed that we’re getting a similar discount on DRM-free tracks, just 79 pence each from now on. Don’t go crazy, now…

(via Apple Hot News)

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