Elsewhere in exciting financial news – Motorola is getting HAMMERED

motorola-profits-down-2007.jpgSo first this week we had Apple saying it’s made loads of money, then we had analysts saying Microsoft’s about to announce it’s made loads of money too. Happy days!

So where’s all this money coming from?

It’s being hacked off Motorola’s bottom line, pretty much, with the company reporting a whopping 33% drop in sales in 2007 compared to 2006, with mobile sales raking in a total of $4.8 billion…

iTunes drops price of DRM-free tracks in UK as well as US, adds more choons

gold-coins-chocolate.jpgA couple of days ago it was announced that Apple would be dropping the price of iTunes Plus DRM-free tracks on iTunes from $1.29 to just 99cents, matching nasty DRM-ridden tracks.

Only EMI tracks are sold as 256kbps, DRM-free AAC files, however starting today certain indie labels (Sub Pop!!!!) will be able to flog their wares in the same higher-quality format, in total two million…