MWC 2008: Vacuous corporate stand slogan roundup: Part Two

Mobile World Congress 2008

Oh my. If you thought our first crop of stand slogans was the end of it, you were wrong. Over the last couple of days at Mobile World Congress, we shot a few more, just to ensure fairness to all those companies who plastered a crap motto across their stand. Carrying on from Part One


9. Well, lime green certainly is vibrant.


10. What the hell am I supposed to do if I want a billing solution for today’s convergent communications though?


11. Perhaps they should get together with the billing guys for a convergence party.


12. Mapping solutions? That’ll be maps then.


13. Have they actually trademarked ‘new life’? Or trademarked ‘Inspire the new life’? Or trademarked ‘Inspire the new life’ with ‘new life’ in bold type? Either way, bejaysus.


14. Not a slogan as search, more of an advertising poster. But still, they’re not selling me on this gizmo. I like my ears pink.


15. Unleashed!


16. This is about memory cards. Yours forever, until you lose them down the back of the sofa.


17. Gah.


18. When you see Cboss’ stand slogan, you realise why they have dancing girls on the hour, every hour.


19. Actually, maybe this shouldn’t be in here. Flag-waving penguins scootering along the beach are always good. But use of the ‘Catch the X wave’ formula at a trade show is still reprehensible.


20. Loving those italics…


21. I’d rather have mobile confinement, thanks. And I’ll come and collect it myself…


22. …And in any case, Sharpcast are popping round to deliver the 3 Screen Future today, so I’ll be busy with that.


23. I feel a bit bad including this, but my eldery grandmother insisted.

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