MWC 2008: Vacuous corporate stand slogan roundup: Part One

Mobile World Congress 2008

One of the defining things about Mobile World Congress is the huge number of dreadful stand slogans. Y’know, the lines companies have chosen to sum up what it is they do. Revolutionising the mobile value chain? Driving the convergence zeitgeist? Shattering the usability barrier? Cobblers, all of ’em.

Well, I’m not standing for it. It’s time to name and shame the worst examples, starting with perhaps the all-time worst corporate slogan, with more after the jump. Watch out for more throughout the week.


1. Sheer genius. Inspire with inspiration. Rivals will struggle to top this for sheer silliness this year. Or will they?


2. Enabling the mobile experience. Cool company name, dull dull dull slogan.


3. Innovating higher performance. I mean, what?


4. Multi-mode communications are possible? ZOMG!


5. Perhaps any stand including the word ‘enabling’ in its branding should be banned next year. It might be a pretty empty show, but it’d be worth it.


6. Oh, for heaven’s sake. Come on.


7. Is this about wanking?


8. It’s not the main slogan here that’s the problem, but the bit underneath. If you can’t read it, it says ‘Deliver an innovative, integrated and intentional customer experience every time’. And not only have they italicized the phrase ‘intentional customer experience’ – they’ve trademarked it too!

That’s today’s crop, but as I roam the show tomorrow, I’ll be on the lookout for more vacuous slogans. Watch this space. It’s empowering the mobile elite. Or something.

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