MWC 2008: Zlango has a 20-foot God on its stand

Mobile World Congress 2008


What’s this? A 20-foot God sitting astride the stand of mobile messaging firm Zlango​? Sounds like a good idea to us: it’s not as if there are loads of Catholics in Spain who might get offended and… Oh.

Okay, so having a great big God on your stand might be a strange move given local cultural sensitivities, but it hasn’t stopped Zlango. What does the firm do though? Well, it’s developed an icon-based messaging platform using icons instead of words. The idea is you send colourful ‘ZMS’s’ (Zlango messages) rather than SMS texts.

It runs on mobile phones, as well as within web browsers, social networks, and PC-based instant messaging apps like ICQ, with more to follow. I can’t help wondering why icons are better than text for communication in a messaging sense, but maybe I’m just being a doubting Thomas. Maybe God can sort that out…

Zlango website

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Stuart Dredge
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