IFA 2008: Portable Solar Panels from Onlink

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In the video above, Dan checks out a company called Onlink who have a great idea for a product – solar panels built into your laptop case. Their cases have two pockets – one for your laptop and one for two big solar panels that then attach to your laptop and help you charge while on the go.

Great idea in theory, but I’m a little concerned about the efficiency of those panels. People don’t often use their laptops in direct sunlight, so I would hope that the efficiency of the panel is good enough for it to be usable on cloudy days or through windows. That would move this gadget from “just showing off green credentials” to “whoppingly useful” on the Geere scale of gadget usefulness.

Onlink don’t have distributors yet, so if you’re a distributor and you’d like to bring the power of the sun to the people of the UK (or anywhere else, for that matter), then you should get in touch with them.


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  • Here is the thing I always show people when they ask about our solar power panels, (providing it’s during daylight hours of course). After they start to see the meter operating in reverse it really brings it home to them what is actually happening …. and it makes me feel great 🙂

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