Dr. Kawashima dumps Nintendo for mobile game fling with Namco Bandai


kawashima-mobile.jpgTsk, those brainy professors aren’t content to have their mugs slapped on the front of one company’s games. Japanese boffin Dr. Kawashima is famous as the face of Nintendo’s first DS brain training game, ‘Brain Training from Dr. Kawashima’. However, he’s now hopped into bed with a different publisher.

The publisher is Namco Bandai, and the game is called ‘Brain Coach with Dr. Kawashima’. But it’s not for DS, or any games console. Instead, it’s a mobile phone game, due out before the end of this year.

It’ll follow a similar pattern to the DS title, with a mixture of mini-games to make your grey cells swell with intelligence. And the branding thing seems legit too – apparently Nintendo licensed Kawashima’s likeness for the original DS game, but there was presumably nothing to stop him signing separate deals with other publishers on other formats.

(via Pocket Gamer)

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