RoboPhilo – the programmable home robot


RoboPhilo-home-robot.jpgIt’s a programmable humanoid, which brings approximately one billion possibilities flashing into mind. Although this one won’t be much help as a personal bodyguard or shopping-home-carrier – it’s only 13 inches tall.

RoboPhilo comes in kit form you can assemble yourself for $400, or why not just admit defeat beforehand and buy a fully-assembled example for $500?

Then, once you’ve built it or unpacked it, comes the hard part – it will require programming. RoboPhilo will not come with 10 pre-programmed silly walks, nor will it say something funny when you press its head. It is a serious thing for boffins who want to learn about robotics. Sorry. It seemed much more interesting at first.

(Via Dvice)

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