A robot that helps you lose weight? Is that Gillian McKeith, then?


Tech Digest, featuring robots?! Never! The latest in our robotic obsessions is the Autom, which apparently helps people lose weight. I’ll take five!

Being described as a ‘weight maintenance sociable robot’ designed by the MIT Media Lab, it allows users to interact with the ‘bot through a touchpad, whilst it tracks your face and actually speaks to you. Here’s hoping it’s not programmed to say ‘you fat cow, lay off the Krispy Kremes already’. There’s a video over on their website which explains it more, but I’m not sure a cute little puppy-dog eyed robot could convince me to cut back on the Starbucks lattés. A £5,000 Marc Jacobs dress hanging in my wardrobe, one size too small, on the other hand…

MIT Media Lab (via Botjunkie)

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Katherine Hannaford
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