Japan developing Internet replacement: rollout by 2020


web_image.gifThough I’m not convinced that trying to replace the Internet is such a good idea, I’m more inclined to take notice when Japan says it’s planning to develop such a network, rather than those in the House of Lords.

According to Japan’s Communications Minister, Yoshihide Suga, his department is seeking 7.8bn Yen in the next budget to begin researching the technology, with the aim of having it in place by 2020.

The Internet will face many challenges in the next century, with higher bandwidth requirements and an increasing need for network security and stability, Suga said.

The country already has an “e-Japan” initiative aiming to link together every device onto a single national network. These proposals would need to extend internationally if the Internet is to remain accessible to all.

Though there’s no guarantee that funding will be made available, or that a “new Internet” will become a reality, expect that a nation as technologically advanced as Japan is taking this seriously.

(Via PCPro)

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