Nintendo launching DSvision film downloads for DS in Japan


nintendo-DSvision.jpgIn March next year, the fifty-thousand-billion-billion people who own a Nintendo DS in Japan will be able to use the thing to watch movies on.

The DSvision service is slightly odd, though, and not the forward-thinking digital service you might be expecting. Users need to buy a memory card kit and reader for PC. Then would-be movie watchers have to download the films via PC, then transfer them to a microSD card, then plug that into a DS cart adaptor, then put that into a DS.

As a reward, you get all sorts of media – films, TV shows and digital books – dumped on your DS for later consumption.

The service launches in Japan next March – but is exactly the sort of thing that stands zero chance of ever coming to the UK.

For more news about cool Japanese Nintendo stuff that stands zero chance of ever coming out here, check out Shiny Media’s Nintendo blog

(Via Digital World Tokyo)

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