Make the new Britney Spears video yourself on MTV


britney-piece-of-me-video.jpgYOU WILL NEED: One fat man in drag, two sobbing children dressed in sackcloth, a few bottles of prescription medication, some very cheap wigs and 25 extras to act as paparazzi photographers.

Although it’s actually not that creative. From today, MTV users can remix and edit a video for Britney’s new single ‘Piece of Me’ (maybe in 1999 but not today, thanks) from a pre-selected, family-friendly collection of Britney clips, using MTV’s online video remixer.

The winner gets some fairly rubbish freebies as a prize, including an MP3 player and some Britney CDs, plus their video will get shown on MTV. Once.

Britney’s new single ‘Piece of Me’ will have a proper video made for it especially by proper video-making people, so this is pretty much a big waste of everyone’s time.

(Via MTV)

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